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What we do

At Luminous Ltd. we specialize in creating immersive visual experiences in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Our custom designed software tools find many applications in:


We provide location-based AR/VR apps for tourism, promotion and preservation of cultural heritage.


We provide development of educational apps and interactive learning tools.


We provide Mixed Reality apps for media and entertainment.


We provide Mixed Reality apps for marketing and advertising.


BookvAR is a Mixed Reality platform which creates seamless integration of interactive audio-visual learning models into existing schoolbooks and classic educational tools.

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GuideAR is an Augmented Reality platform focused on tourism which promotes, socializes and protects historical and cultural heritage by mapping 3D objects, information and artistic reconstructions with GPS coordinates.

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Vusic is an Augmented Reality app which generates immersive sound-reactive objects and visual effects by real-time audio data processing and allows the users to interact and share the magical experiences sound creates around them.

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For further information on the products and services we provide or to learn more about the technology we develop send us an email at info@lmns.co